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Latest news

TalkTalk Wrongfully Charges Thousands of Customers 13th August 2020

TalkTalk Wrongfully Charges Thousands of Customers

TalkTalk has accidentally over charged thousands of customers with late payment fees despite a payment holiday with the broadband corporation having been agreed due to concerns over customers’ financial status during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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NatWest Reduce Savings Interest Rates 9th August 2020

NatWest Reduce Savings Interest Rates

Interest rates awarded to savings account holders are to be further reduced by NatWest later this month. These altered rates are set to come into effect on the on August 18th. This comes after earlier reductions on certain account types back in April. NatWest justified its decision by saying the rates were reduced upon reviewing both its own rates and those of its competitors. This being said, back in March NatWest abstained from cutting rates on savings accounts after the Bank of England not for the first time cut the base rate.

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Sky Broadband Buddy Falls Short 4th June 2019

Sky Broadband Buddy Falls Short

Sky have been pushing their new parental control service called Sky Broadband Buddy, however, it has fallen short of customer expectations and received poor reviews

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Wonga Forced to Write Off Millions. 5th October 2014

Wonga Forced to Write Off Millions.

The FCA says it expects 99 per cent of the UK's payday lenders to cease operations when its cap on credit comes into effect in January. Interest and fees will be limited to 0.8 per cent a day and capped at 100 per cent and it will no longer be possible to roll loans over more than twice. Only around three or four companies – bigger players such as Wonga, QuickQuid and Dollar Financial, which make up 70 per cent or so of the market – are expected to stay in operation under the tougher rules, and consumer groups hope a fairer payday industry will take over with robust credit checks for customers.

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