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TalkTalk complaints number:
0844 409 8699
Verified correct on: 20/09/2019

Call costs 5p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.


Talk Talk has full complaints procedures available to its customers. Along with a complaints line on 0844 409 8699, there are diagnostic and ‘walk through’fault detection and resolution services to be found in the ‘Support and Tools’section under ‘My Account’on the website.

Talk Talk provides pay TV, telecommunications, broadband Internet, land line telephone and mobile  network services to business and residential customers in the UK. It was formed in 2003 as a subsidiary of mobile phone specialist Carphone Warehouse before becoming a ‘stand alone’business in 2010.

The company have invested in their own exchange infrastructure whereby they have more control over the lines to customers as opposed to relying on the existing exchange owners. Talk Talk have become the second company in the UK to offer ‘quadruple play’(four communications services) after Virgin Media.


Talk Talk became established after they launched with the heavy use of national TV and print media advertising campaigns offering attractively priced land line telephone packages. They followed this up with heavily marketed broadband services in 2004 including a phone/broadband package marketed as ‘free broadband forever’from 2006.

A series of high profile acquisitions of other providers such as Tele2, One.Tel, and the ISP part of AOL, grew Talk Talk’s customer base rapidly as did the addition of Tiscali in 2009.

Complaints information

According to Ofcom complaint statistics covering the period from the last quarter of 2011 to the last quarter of 2013, in both landline telephone and broadband Talk Talk’s complaints levels have exceeded the national average.

This performance has improved over this period of time —in the final quarter of 2011 levels of complaints for both broadband and landline telephone were at their peaks, but have been reduced to their lowest level as of the final quarter of 2013.

Making a complaint

Talk Talk have a comprehensive fault finding and diagnostics service in the ‘My Account’section on their website and a ‘latest news’section regarding the up to date status of the service. You are encouraged to use these services before contacting the company’s complaints line on 0844 409 8699.

A range of menu options and drop down list selections are designed to help you find the right department to complain to. There is also a help forum.


AOL Broadband (used under license since acquiring the AOL ISP business), Talk Talk Plus TV, Talk Talk Mobile, Talk Talk Business.

Services and Products

Fixed line telephone and broadband

Talk Talk established itself with fixed line and broadband services.

Mobile Phone Network - Talk Talk Mobile

Talk Talk Mobile is a virtual mobile network operator: their service is provided via the Vodafone network.

Television - Talk Talk Plus TV

Launched in 2012 as a partner in the You View service, it is a pay TV service.

Useful Information

Complaints Tel: 0844 409 8699

TalkTalk complaints number:
0844 409 8699
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Calls cost 5p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

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