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eBay UK complaints number:
0844 409 7959
Verified correct on: 20/07/2024

Call costs 5p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

eBay UK

To complain to eBay, the complaints line is 0844 409 7959. A menu system walks you through various options based on what you wish to resolve, and there is also a Resolution Centre to deal with problems such as non-delivery of purchased items.

eBay is a huge, global multi-billion online shopping and auction business employing over 30,000 people with a base in over 30 countries.


eBay started life in the mid-1990's as part of a larger site owned by founder Pierre Omidyar. One of this site's first sales was a broken laser pointer. From this humble start, growth was swift and massive in the early years — in 1997 the site hosted 2 million auctions compared to just 250,000 the previous year.

eBay was one of the notable successes of the otherwise disastrous 'dot-com bubble' when many of the huge wave of online start-ups failed spectacularly.

By 2008, revenues were approaching billion as eBay became a global business. eBay also owns PayPal, the payment system usually used in site transactions.

The initial business consisted of individuals buying and selling items by online auction. Just about anything can be bought and sold, although the company enhanced the service to include 'buy it now' options. There is more of a straightforward 'buying from an online shop' feel to eBay now.

eBay earns revenue by charging various fees to sellers. Trust and confidence for users is built via a 'feedback' system.

Some people operate online businesses on eBay running 'online shops' and bulk selling products through the system. eBay support this with the provision of selling tools and enabling sellers to qualify for status descriptions such as 'Power Seller' based on sales volume.

Making a complaint

To make complaints to eBay, call 0844 409 7959. Queries and problems can also be dealt with via a comprehensive online diagnostic system and/or call back and live chat options.

When you log into your account, you enter a menu-driven system that walks you through various steps to help you resolve your complaint or query. If this is unsuccessful, you are presented with an option to contact eBay by telephone. You may also be offered the option of a call back and/or live chat.

In other circumstances, such as when you have a problem with a purchase such as non-delivery, you need to use eBay's 'Resolution Centre.' Here you will be led through a menu system to establish your complaint and then invited to leave a message so eBay can pursue the matter for you.


eBay, PayPal

Useful Information

Website: www.ebay.co.uk

Complaints Handling

Website-driven, entered through 'Help & Contact' section on home page.

From here sign in to account and use menu selection to access relevant telephone number(s) depending on complaint/query type.

eBay UK complaints number:
0844 409 7959
Verified -

Calls cost 5p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

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