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Talk Talk to Off-Load 136,000 Customers

Talk Talk to Off-Load 136,000 Customers

Talk Talk is set to sell off 136,000 broadband customers in an effort to increase profitability. The customers accounts that its plans to sell off are classed as "off-net" subscribers. These 136,000 customers connect to the Internet via BT equipment which Talk Talk purchases on a wholesale basis rather than its own more profitable infrastructure. The sale is most likely to go to BSkyB or BT themselves.
Talk Talk will retain its more profitable "unbundled" customers in a move that Chief Executive Dido Harding, (pictured left) believes will help raise profit margins to 25 per cent in the next 18 to 36 months. The sale of these accounts is not predicted to generate a significant return with independent specialists valuing the sale at around £10m. Talk Talk currently has 4.2m subscribers and has recently reported an increase in turnover of 3.4 per cent to £1.73bn. Talk Talk have also build a TV business over the last 18 months that boasts 1m subscribers and this remains an important area of their business within a very competitive marketplace.

  • Published on: 19th May 2014 6:27pm
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A concerned customer!
A concerned customer! Said:

Hi! I am assuming this is related to why I was just harassed twice in Sevenoaks High Street by some VERY rude and unprofessional people apparently working for Talk Talk! The first person approached me and I said 'No thank you' to, so on my way out of a shop a second was ushered my way and when I said 'No thank you' again, she muttered something under her breath, presumably rude. Insulted for going about my dail business? I have been a happy and longstanding Talk Talk Customer and up to today very happy with the serivce. I now have a VERY low opinion of Talk Talk if this is the style of emplyee involved in your changes. Unprofessional and abusive. What a wonderful image to portray!

Gerald Said:

Talk Talk

To Talk Talk or not to Talk Talk(what was the Question?)

I have been on the phone to these arseholes for over 2 hours and have been passed about from pillar to post, I am a new customer ( I really wish to I wasn't) I writing this for a number of reasons

1. To warn people not to go with them as their customer service is SHIT

2. They should be declared a public health hazard (I am so Stressed you would not believe it

3. They are either the most COMPLAINED about phone company or The Second most COMPLAINED about company, Either Way it is hardly a Ringing Endorsement now is it?

Are you sitting comfortably? then let's begin, If I start this Story from the very beginning, it would last longer than Tolstoy's (not a bad Vodka) WAR and Peace, The Harry Potter Series, and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy all rolled into one, So let's just say the first phone call about a week or so ago was such a waste of time, I asked the Girl on the phone if they(Talk Talk) done Standing Orders,(they don't) she said YES, clearly they don't, I explained that with a standing order the benefits to the customer were numerous,(a) the money gets taken out ONLY when the customer has money in the Account, (b) the customer doesn't get bank charges, and (c) as the money is in the account at the time it is applied for the company are far more likely to actually get paid. THEY DO NOT DO STANDING ORDERS SO IF YOU PHONE UP SAVE YOUR BREATH.

As for tonight's Little episode, I was on the phone for over 2 hours, spoke to 3 different people, and am still no further forward. Talk(talk) about wasting your time, by the end it I was losing the will to live, for me there was 3 simply problems that needed sorting out,

1. wanted my card payment returned today as agreed (with JAY) as I simply can't afford to be paying twice as I am on Benefits

2. As I tried to contact them by Email there was a problem with it and I couldn't contact them via that means

3. They had the wrong Mobile phone number, understandable really because I have only had this number for about 8-9 months

So what I was simply phoning up for was,

(a) For them to get the money paid back into my bank account, ASAP

(b) To Sort out the email Fiasco

(c) For them to correct and update my mobile phone number on their system (SIMPLE YEH?) NO

Not one bit of it, What these people know about sorting out customers problems you could write on the back of a postage stamp in large letters with a Large paint brush, they haven't got a Clue, they are so Thick I wouldn't trust these people to tell me which way a lift was going if they had two Guesses. I was going to call them Morons but this would be "GROSSLY UNFAIR" to real Morons Everywhere, Anyway Folks Enough of being Nice, Please Do yourselves a BIG BIG Favour, If? In a rare moment of Madness you ever even consider Joining Talk Talk, Please Try this First, Kindly ask your best Friend if they would have any objection to hitting you repeatedly in the genital area with a Spike Filled Baseball bat for about 5 Minutes, and then wait until the Screaming has died down, and remove your Blood soaked Clothing, and delicately apply a Vinegar Based Salt and Sand Poultice,( please note, malt vinegar is my own personal Preference but I am a little biases as I am a Scot and do like a good Malt, I am Fully aware that this may not be entirely to everyone's taste so please be extremely careful) Please also note that the amount of Vinegar that needs to be applied depends on your own personal taste and pain threshold, should you find that after the first application of the (Malt Optional) vinegar poultice to the affected area, makes you scream in so much pain, that if you were offered the alternative of having a red hot poker rammed up your Arse at least 3 or 4 times becomes so appealing that you actually begin to Salivate, Puke up, and shit yourself all at the same time, then you are now beginning to come close to the emotional impact you will have to endure if you join Talk Talk.

Disclaimer, Humour Varies from person to person and Country to Country no responsibility can or will be accepted in any way shape or form by myself for anyone (including and especially Talk Talk Employees) who takes anything written on these pages even remotely serious, My Comments on Talk Talk are both Personal and Subjective, although it would be more than fare to say that the customer service was(for me at Least) "Extremely Poor" It would also be fare to say that their "Customer Forum Website" is none to Complimentary about them either, in fact truth be told it is Littered with Complaints of various Kinds. mostly in relation to "The Customer Service" which to be fare is a direct result of the Money Grabbing .........s who run the Company and leave these people to deal with the Shit, this still does not help the customer, I cannot comment on whether any of the deals or Offers advertised are good, bad or indifferent in relation to other Well Known Brands, this like everything else in a so called "Free Market" is the choice of the Individual, what I have Written here is a personal viewpoint based on the treatment and customer relations interaction I have had so far, my right to express such opinions and viewpoints, I deem to be only one of many of the Civil and Human Rights available to everyone in the E.U Community under Articles' 9 and 10 of the 1998 Human Rights Acts and Protocols, Article 1 Protocol 1 , All Rights Reserved, any Civil or Human Rights not mentioned or Applied in this Article, Will and should be (Tacitly) Implied as per the 1998 Human Rights Act,(The Act) and the Geneva Convention.

Yours Sincerely

Gerald Ward

(P.S) This piece shall be posted on both Twitter and Facebook, until such Times as the issues raised and touched Upon in this Article have been Settled and resolved to my complete Satisfaction.
Please Watch Twitter and Facebook Every Day for However?

Bob Earwaker
Bob Earwaker Said:

i dont know where to start with talk talk. I really need to know where the head offices are in ENGLAND so i can knock on the door an tell them how crap their company is and how flustrating it is talking to india, philapines and all round the world when they cant speak english and dont understand what you are saying.
i have wasted so much of my time since i signed up with talk talk listening to music getting transferred to several people who then cut you off after hours of waiting.
All the people i talk to have not a good word to say about TalkTalk. I have not once been given any compensation for the hours of time spent on the phone.
Today is one of the most flustrating i have been on the phone since 9am and its 1pm. My problem is still has not been solved.
Somebody need to contact me urgently!!!


Nigel Said:

I am a new customer of TalkTalk and I have been complaining about the service. I was previously with BT and the signal I received was constant. Now I am with TalkTalk and the only thing that has changed is the router. The connection is constantly changing from 'on' to 'searching for networks' I must have been on the phone four times with people trying to resolve the issue ( over half hour each time). I have tried changing channels as requested and monitored them. Nothing has made a difference. I was offered a free engineers visit by the fault fixing team only to be told it was not possible by the team that organises the engineer visits. Sometimes it is dificult to understand what is being said. They have reluctantly agreed to send a new router to try but because I am away soon I have asked them to delay sending it. It will be interesting to see whether I have a poorly performing router. Will let you know the outcome

Mr Allan Donaghy
Mr Allan Donaghy Said:

Been on phone from 8.30pm till 10.30 spoken to 3 people about no signal
to my you view box cutting off and on from 16th April now the 9th of may
Like banging my head off a wall the box is not working they say can't send a new one till a engineer looks at it had box from 2013 got new router only because sign up new contract ha if only l thought it was router that was not working all the time it was you view box only way l can get a new one for a bright spark engineer to come out say they don't charge yes they do l know they will they always find a way to charge you my phone line was cut outside my home when council where cutting trees had to pay over £200 to get line fixed .they know my you view box not working they check but still not give me a new box till someone comes out so expect a surprise on my next phone bill they are good at that not a very happy customers

Stephen courts
Stephen courts Said:

Been with talktalk for 12 years and up to the last 5 weeks I have had a good service BUT I have a problem with a loud cracklings noise on the phone and intermittent broadband phone around 5-6 time some tests (line and home) the result is there is a issue in the master socket to the line talktalk has confirmed there is a problem and you need to give talktalk dates for a enginneer to call 24 hours before talktalk will phone to tell you which date they will come if they phone and nobody answer because for work commitments no second call someone will close has talktalk say ticket and you will go through the issue again from the beginning (line & home test dates for enginneer to call) 5 to 6 times this has happen, what do talktalk think you stay home from work and wait by the phone for 24 to 72 hours. Last call I asked the operator for a phone number to contact their ombudsman to complaint and talktalk had on phone number thinks to talktalk I'm paying for a service which is useless but the money's go from my bank without delay
Likely I'm out of contract and when the fault has been fixed goodbye talktalk
If any thinking of going with is company please think very hard they may sound good but they talktalk don't give a shit about you new or old customers they take you money talktalk is a waste of time. There must be better company's out there how will respect your custom
Talktalk waste of time

su Said:

I agree they are the worst company ever phone or broadband 4 days have just rang the guy said they are digging as we speak ...what a fib ...I asked where I'm by the exchange ...

Derek Said:

A total waste of time complaining. Because of TalkTalk I was without broadband for two months and without a landline phone for nearly six weeks. Every time I write to the CEO complaints, I get an letter some time later asking for mylandline phone number which no longer exists thanks to TalkTalk, the answer to my security question, I had been with TalkTalk for fifteen years so I have no recollection of the security question when I set up the account. The last time I enclosed ten copies of the recent letters to the CEO Complaints dept. together with the names of some of the people that write asking for answers to the same stupid questions. Never going to get any satisfaction until we take a class action against them and get the matters settled in the courts.

Jean Webster
Jean Webster Said:

Been with Talk Talk for over 15 yrs. Had many problems but never managed to change Companies. However since it is now a month since I have been able to dial out on my phone and my voice is hoarse with trying to get it sorted. I have finally advised the idiots to say goodbye to me.Informed it will cost me hundreds (they Think) and is it really worth the trouble. Have cancelled my Direct debit and await for , the one time only, a phone call from someone in charge. Wish everyone in similar situations as myself getting nowhere with this Company could just cancel.Maybe when their clients are reduced to nil they MIGHT decide to do something to help. In the meantime let the court case begin I just cannot wait.

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