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  • Three and TalkTalk Voted Worst Telecoms Providers in Ofcom Survey

    Posted on: 26th August 2020 3:01am

    Three and TalkTalk Voted Worst Telecoms Providers in Ofcom Survey

    British telecoms giants Three and TalkTalk are found to be the among the worst rated in customer satisfaction according to the Ofcom’s new telecoms league table. Polls extracted from the annual survey find that TalkTalk is considered the worst broadband supplier for general service for the fourth consecutive year. Having 22% of customers divulging a sense of dissatisfaction with the service they received. TalkTalk’s complaints procedure was also poorly received in the survey with 56% of customers dissatisfied with this process.  


    Three was found to be largely considered the worst of the mobile service providers. Despite this it did have a reasonable 89% of customers giving their approval of the mobile operator. Never the less, it was seen that Three had double the market average of customers which found grounds to complain at 6%. To add to this, Three customers also spend the most amount of time on hold while contacting the provider via telephone. With an average of 2 minutes and 37 seconds on hold, double the market average of 1 minute and 18 seconds.


    It must be noted, the date from these surveys was collected in January 2020, therefore it will not represent any potential changes in customer satisfaction seen since the outset of the corona virus pandemic.


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